Smaller Meetings

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Smaller Meetings

Located in the vibrant Galway city centre, our smaller meeting rooms offer convenience and accessibility, making them the ideal choice for your next business rendezvous. Whether you're hosting a brainstorming session, client presentation, or team meeting, our versatile spaces can accommodate your requirements with ease.

Our three newly refurbished, fully equipped smaller meeting rooms have state-of-the-art amenities and modern technology, designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency. From air conditioning and high-speed Wi-Fi to cutting-edge audio-visual technology, we provide everything you need to conduct your smaller meetings smoothly and professionally.

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Empower Your Small Gatherings with Big Connectivity

Capacity: 25 delegates

Features: 75” TV, HDMI and Blue-tooth connections, sound system, natural daylight, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. 

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Where Innovation Meets Intimacy.

Capacity: 10 delegates

Features: Hybrid-ready suite that will facilitate engaging, dynamic meetings with your partners around the globe.

Built in video conferencing facilities, HDMI and Blue-tooth connections, sound system, natural daylight, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

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Where Meetings, Breakouts, and Private Dining Converge.

Capacity: 30 delegates

Features: Newly refurbished flexible meeting room suitable for meetings, breakouts or private dining gatherings.

Sound system, Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

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