Our History
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Built in 2001, on the site of a Seaweed store, The Harbour Hotel and now Dillisk on the Docks is steeped in Galway History. The original store, has today been absorbed into the back of the Hotel with the exterior on display and serving as a reminder of its fertile past. The original owners the McDonoughs  brought in boat loads of it in order to make iodine. There were other such factories in Long walk and in Woodquay.

Dillisk has been closely associated with the West coast of Ireland. It is a sea vegetable that grows in the intertidal zone, the region of shoreline found between high and low tides. It is characterised by a red or purple translucent fronds. Dillisk grows and is harvested by hand during the spring and summer months, and then cured in open fields by the wind and sun after spreading thinly on netting.

It is a rich, natural source of essential vitamins, ions and sea salt and contains no artificial preservatives or flavourings, nothing is added or taken away from its delicious rich natural healthy taste. Dillisk is a low calorie foodstuff, containing high levels of roughage, important in sustaining proper bowl and intestine function. It is an excellent dieting health food, eaten on its own or used as an ingredient when accompanying salads and other dishes.

We are delighted to be able to introduce Dillisk among other locally sourced seaweeds into our menus and look forward to embracing the health movement that is “Seaweed”