My name is Eveanna and I am the Sales and Marketing Director. I have worked with the company since February 2014 and I think Galway might just be the best city in the World. I love to travel, and I once had a job where I spent 6 months living in a tent with no running water... and I loved it!


My name is Emer and I am the Meeting and Events Coordinator.
I have worked in the company since March 2013. I really enjoy sailing on Galway Bay and photography. I also love to travel and I once lived in the Philippines where I taught the locals to Riverdance better than Michael Flatley!


My name is Dan and I am the Front Office Manager here at the Harbour Hotel. I have been living the dream since August 2013, when I first started here. When I'm not standing pretty behind my desk, im on my pet farm... how does that song go again...


My name is Stephan and I am the General Manager at the Harbour Hotel. I am no stranger to Galway, I am a GMIT graduate and I haveheld a number of posts In the West, but no matter where I go, there is always something pulling me back to beautiful Galway city.


My name is Aine and I am the Revenue Manager at the Harbour Hotel. I am working here since February 2009 and have loved every minute of it!
I’ve run marathons, cycled the Ring Of Kerry and I come from a family of all boys and I’m faster than them all!!!


My name is Tara, I am the Reservations Manager at the Harbour Hotel and I have been working here since 2008. You may not think it to look at me, but I was once a member of the FCA and I won an award for best shooter in Ireland!