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Murder on the Menu

  • Looking for a Murder Mystery Experience in Galway?

    Looking for a Murder Mystery Experience in Galway?

    Murder on the Menu is Ireland's top shop for Murder Mystery Nights. Plan your next corporate event, hen party or group activity in Galway with an event they will remember.
    Let your colleagues or friends know how much you love having them in your life by... killing them off... in a brilliant murder-mystery themed evening in which you and your gang are the characters. Which of your friends will be revealed as the dreaded murderer?!?
    Murder on the Menu designs your celebration as a night filled with laughs to commemorate a most important time in your life with memories you'll share forever.
    Contact Bruce on 085 7821753 or email on info@murderonthemenu.ie
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  • Let's set the scene...

    Enter the film set of the great director, Steven Shtate-of-me who has a gambling problem and owes money to those who don’t take excuses for payment. Tonight he‘s shooting his latest killer feature, “The Life Of Gloria Swansong- Mistress to the Mob”. Fabulously famous Gloria is making her big comeback (again!) and actors are just dying to get a part. 
    However a mysterious murder occurs over dinner and Detective Seamus Spade is called in to solve the mystery!
    Was it Ms. Tick, the hapless psychic to the stars? Or maybe it was wide-eyed ingénue and makeup artist Lana Turnover, who was desperate for success? They’re certainly not the only people in the room who could be implicated in the murder…
    Match wits with the detective as he ponders the evidence over dinner and deliberation as he  tries to uncover WHODUNNIT?
  • Testimonials

    "Thanks for a brill night! Cast were great, will definitely recommend it!" - S. Croke
    "Great show guys! Laughed the night away!" - B. Carmichael
     “Amazing job! I will be highly recommending your show to everyone!" - L. Quigley