November 1st 

The Harbour Hotel is proud to welcome Ireland's newest, PREMIER Murder Myster Theatre Dinner! An experience so unique and so fun, we'll provide you with the whole seat, but you'll only use the edge!


The great director Steven Shtate-of-me has a gambling problem and owes money to those who don't take excuses for payment. He has convinced former “Oscar” winning actress Gloria Swansong to come out of retirement to star in a film based on her life, entitled: "MISTRESS TO THE MOB".

However, a shocking murder during rehearsals throws a spanner into the works. Detective Seamus Spade is called in to clean up the mess and uncover the killer. As the detectives line of questioning becomes more inquisitive, suspicions reach fever pitch.

Was it Ms. Tick, the hapless psychic to the stars? Or maybe it was wide-eyed ingénue and makeup artist Lana Turnover who was desperate for success? They’re certainly not the only people in the room who could be implicated in the murder…

Match wits with the detective as he ponders the evidence over dinner, and tries to uncover WHODUNNIT? 


  • Before the meal begins, our laugh out loud cast of characters will work the room and ensure everyone gets a name tag.
  • The show is a scripted performance, with some improv elements, that takes place between the courses of your meal so you have time to enjoy your food and conspire about who the killer might be.
  • Some audience participation is required from time to time. There’s no point in hiding however! They won’t know we’re picking them until it’s too late!
  • Following the meal, the detective will go through the clues and the killer will be revealed. Who correctly guessed the murderer and the murder weapon? 

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